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Lobola - Starring Munya Chidzonga - Trailer and Preview

Pay Your Lobola this November with Munya Chidzonga
Film, TV & Theatre - Film News
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 07:05
When traditional meets urban you can be sure there will be friction, pain and laughter. Be ready for belly-deep mirth when Lobola, an interesting new comedy, opens to the public on the November 25. The movie already has serious bait as it stars Munyaradzi Chidzonga, the ‘Diamond Boy’ who represented Zimbabwe in Big Brother Africa All Stars.

Written and directed by Joe Njagu, the 93-minute comedy depicts the clash between traditional and modern perceptions regarding the paying of lobola, the bride price, a practice common in African cultures. In fact the log line reads: The mutilation of the African marriage custom by a cosmopolitan groom, his brothers and their accomplice, the bride.

Munya co-produced the movie.

The film tells about the Moyana family which lives in the high density suburb of Chitungwiza. The Moyanas find themselves confronted with a peculiar situation when their daughter Christine courts a young man Sean (played by Chidzonga) who comes from a wealthy clan, the Muza family. The Muzas stay in America and own a granite importing business which has been flourishing for fourteen years.

Sean Muza who is heir to the family fortune decides to spend his summer vacation with his two cosmopolitan brothers in Zimbabwe. This decision ignites an argument with their father, Mr. Muza (played by Joe Pike), but the brothers go ahead anyway.

In Zimbabwe Sean meets Christine (Dalma Chiwereva) the beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moyana (played by James Joni and Pretty Xaba respectively) and decides to marry her following a brief courtship. From beginning to end, Lobola creates untold laughter as the two families try to come to terms with each other’s cultures.

“The movie Lobola is an account of the day on which the Muza boys cross town to the Moyana residence in Chitungwiza to do everything necessary for the fulfillment of the cultural wedding process known as ‘lobola’ (‘roora’ in Shona),” reads part of the synopsis.

The comedy boasts of a talented cast that includes other veterans Joe Pike and Pretty Xaba and new talent such as Tonderai Hakuna, Sean Ray and Alice Makaya. Other members of the cast are; Edmore Sandifolo, Charity Dlodlo and Antony Tongani.

The production of the film, which started 4 years ago with 15 screenplay drafts, has so far struck several milestones, which include the introduction of High Definition Single Lens Reflex (HDSLR) filming to Zimbabwean filmmaking, dual system audio, and world class cinematography. Lobola is the first Zimbabwean Full High Definition (HD) film.

The movie was made possible by a collaboration between The Decent Arthouse, Fireside Stories, Mighty Movies and Ivory Pictures.

The executive producers, i.e. the funders of the movie, are Supa Mandiwanzira, Joe Njagu, Rufaro Kaseke, Nyaradzo Muchena and Munyaradzi Chidzonga.

By the way, it's culturally taboo to pay your lobola in November. Just so you know.

- Stuart Moyo for The Zimbo Jam

Big Brother Africa star Munya to take HIV test

BIG Brother Africa star, Munyaradzi Chidzonga will join the United States Ambassador and a host of other local celebrities and sports personalities for a public HIV test as part of activities aimed at marking this year’s World AIDS day.

The US embassy in Harare is holding a series of events to mark World AIDS day and encourage Zimbabwean youths to take control of their health by knowing their HIV status.

The commemoration which is also aimed at celebrating local successes in the fight against HIV and AIDS will include the public test, a girls’ school football tournament and a ceremony to honour outstanding Zimbabwean HIV and AIDS activists.

On Wednesday Munya, whose movie Lobola, premiered in Harare last Thursday, will join Ambassador Charles Ray, musician Edith Katiji and premiership footballers Norman Maroto (Gunners Football Club) and Washington Arubi, and Desmond Maringwa (both of Dynamos Football Club) for a public HIV test in central Harare.

The commemorations will culminate in the annual Auxillia Chimusoro Awards ceremony at a city Hotel on Thursday.

“The awards, which include cash, will be given to individuals judged to have excelled in communication, leadership, social investment and any outstanding works that have made a remarkable impact in Zimbabwean society in mitigating the effects and impact of HIV and AIDS,” the US embassy said in a statement.

In their 10th year, the awards are named for Auxillia Chimusoro, one of the first individuals to disclose her HIV positive status in Zimbabwe.

Chimusoro publicly disclosed her HIV positive status at age 33 in 1989 and went on to found Batanai HIV/AIDS Support Group in 1992. She was one of the founders of the Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and worked with several support groups before her passing in 1998.

Estimates from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) indicate that Zimbabwe is one of the countries worst hit by the pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa with some 1.6 million adults, 15 years and older, said to have been living with HIV/AIDS in 2005.

However, the country has made significant progress in containing the spread of the virus with the rate of new infections coming down over the last few years.

Data from the state-run National AIDS Council shows that the HIV and AIDS prevalence rate for the 15 to 49 years age group eased to 14.26 percent in 2009 with projections of a continued decline to 13.7 percent by the end of 2010.

Munyaradzi Chidzonga Biography

Big Brother 3 Housemate # 12 from Zimbabwe
Munyaradzi Chidzonga

Munya Chidzonga (22) is a Zimbabwean actor from Harare best known as one of the 12 housemates on the third season of the reality television competition Big Brother Africa, in 2008.

Spent his early childhood in Switzerland before returning to Zimbabwe in 1994 where he enrolled at Ruzawi Boys School.

1999 began his high school studies at Peterhouse, a member of Founders House. Participated in many performances and hosted numerous events at Peterhouse. He was also a dedicated member of the school choral groups, rugby, interact & debate team. He graduated in 2004.

He then decided to attend school in Cape Town South Africa, at AFDA (an acting instituition). He then graduated with many accolades early this year (2008)

Acting school graduate Munya is passionate about acting, film, television and the creative process. Determined and focused, this ambitious Zimbabwean wants to act and produce a short film soon and launch a production company.

Munya believes he was chosen to participate on Big Brother Africa because he has charm, enthusiasm, confidence and is likeable. He says that his special talent is his ability to read people though he admits to sometimes over analyzing situations and being tactless and moody.

He also reveals that he’s an attention seeker and his message to Big Brother audiences is to "sit back and enjoy the ride".

Munya says that he dislikes cowardice and dishonesty, quoting 50 Cent as saying, "I hate a liar more than I hate a thief, a thief is only out to get my money (salary), but a liar is after my reality."

Citing his father as his hero for being "the epitome of a gentleman", Munya believes in the Voltaire quote, "There is no problem that can withstand the assault of sustained thought."

A fan of Lupe Fiasco, Staind, 340 ml, Wyclef Jean, Jay-z, Black Sunshine, Freshly Ground, N.E.R.D, Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys, Munya’s favourite movies are Snatch, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars and Transformers.

His favourite actors are Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney and Vince Vaughn.

Talking about Zimbabwe, Munya says that the best places to visit in the country are Chimanimani Mountain and Kariba Dam

Munya Chidzonga and national ideology

THE stunning performance by Munyaradzi Chidzonga at the recent Big Brother Africa reality show in South Africa has become a talking point of some sort.

While the bigger part of the nation is celebrating this huge personal achievement, there is a section of the media that seems surprisingly unhappy about the celebrations.

First of all, it must be appreciated that when Munyaradzi expressed his desire to meet President Mugabe because he confessed the man was his hero, there is no doubt he said it from deep inside his heart.

When his fellow housemates nicknamed him the Diamond Boy and the Son of the Soil, it was because of the explicit love that he showed for his country. The fact that most of the time, he went around draped in Zimbabwe’s national flag sealed the strong connection between him and his country.

Most of us celebrated that love for his country together with him. And apparently, the rest of Africa too. He was a surprising and refreshing difference.

We are used to young people of his age who, when thrust in a similar situation outside the country, find it easier to condemn their country because we all know, that is the language the West wants to hear to grant them the permission to stay.

Therefore, when President Mugabe granted the young man his wish immediately after touching down at Harare International Airport from Johannesburg where he had incredibly lost to Uti, the Nigerian, he received him as the President of Zimbabwe and not as the leader of Zanu-PF.

There can be no doubt about that. And even before that, when flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa and Cde David Chapfika arranged to raise funds to reward Munya for his sterling effort, they did not do it as Zanu-PF functionaries but as ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe. Most of us did not see anything wrong or partisan about those gestures.

So when the editor of The Independent, Constantine Chimakure, said, two issues ago, that the conflict in Zimbabwe has become glaringly ideological, he was right.

In fact, to most of us, that is how it has always been. Most of us totally agreed with him when he said we should develop a national and not partisan ideology. I will keep repeating that people did not go to war to perpetuate the colonial state model but to change it.

The biggest change would be to alter the fundamental relationship between the previously marginalised blacks and the economy, beginning with the land. The Lancaster House Agreement forced the perpetuation of the colonial state for the first 10 years.

That was the time you heard some whites going around saying: "If we had known this was what you wanted, we could have given you the country without the fight." That was bragging.

When we eventually changed the Lancaster House constitution to acquire the land by decree that fundamentally altered the relations between the people and the economy.

We were at last moving out of the colonial state model and of course, that movement was ideological; it would face fierce resistance.

The same applies to the current Indigenisation and Empowerment Act that seeks to give locals 51 percent shareholding equity in commerce and industry. It is such movement, such a change in relations of production, that Vladimir Lenin, in State and Revolution, described as a "revolution". Because there would always be forces fiercely opposed to the change, just as it was during the war to free the country, the change could cost lives.

That is why I was taken aback a bit to find the word "revolution" used so liberally in the current issue of the Jesuits’ monthly publication, Mukai, a conservative publication by all accounts. I came across the word several times. What was the word "revolution" doing in the extremely conservative, priestly magazine?

I once made what I believed was an honest and innocent contribution to the magazine supporting, one of their own, Father Ignatius Zvarevashe’s suggestion to localise the Catholic priests’ ordination ceremony and format.

The magazine immediately ran a disclaimer that views expressed by some contributors did not necessarily reflect the editorial position of the publication. I still do not understand why my small and humble contribution generated such discomfort. At least, they published it and I salute them for that.

But back to Munyaradzi, the attempt to deny him the right to think differently, which Chimakure’s paper is certainly not innocent of, is undemocratic. Is it not something that the paper wants everyone of us to believe it is fighting against?

Chimakure says we should develop a national ideology but his paper is reducing Munyaradzi’s story to a Zanu-PF affair. He is calling for something that he is not practising! We should all be celebrating Munyaradzi’s triumph, shouldn’t we? It surely must be one of the few achievements that unites us. That’s what I think.

This strange behaviour in some of us is comparable to Minister David Coltart’s recent statement invalidating the rating the United Nations gave our country’s literacy standing in Africa. According to the United Nations, we have overtaken Tunisia as the most literate country on the continent.

Minister Coltart claimed because the method used "was flawed", it could not have produced a correct outcome. He went on to explain in a winding and confusing way what he meant but some of us were already too upset to continue following his logic.

As renowned novelist and colleague, Shimmer Chinodya would say: "What had gone into the minister’s head? How could he, our education minister, dispute an accolade bestowed upon our education system by the United Nations?’’

A colleague compared the minister’s utterances to a parent who accompanies his child to a prize-giving ceremony and then leaps up into the air to object publicly the merit of the prize that his child has won. It’s unfatherly, shameful and unheard of.

Even if he genuinely doubted the prize, he surely should have waited and told his wife in their bedroom in the middle of the night.

Several weeks ago, I challenged Minister Biti to tell us his party’s agenda. I challenged him to tell us if his party would have continued with the land reform programme if it had come to power.

I further challenged him if his party would have continued with the indigenisation and empowerment programme that Minister Kasukuwere is currently spearheading. Well, he hasn’t replied. He might still reply though since he is such a busy man. We should not forget besides being Minister of Finance he is also the Secretary-General of the MDC-T.

He is also the MP for Greendale and a partner in a law firm established a long time ago. We should not forget that he is a father and a family man. He must be a very busy man.

But it is the current constitution making programme that has completely exposed the dilemma of the MDC. They do not have a national agenda, only petty grievances: "Mugabe has stayed too long in power"; "Mugabe must have less powers than parliament"; "ambassadors must be appointed by parliament"; "it’s mismanagement that has brought the country to its present woes"; "there are no sanctions, only restrictive measures".

No sanctions?

Minister Biti had hoped we would get over US$800 million from the donor community towards our US$2,5 million 2010 national budget because they had indicated they would provide it. Only a negligible amount eventually trickled in.

Then we resolved we would sweat it out and generate the money ourselves, especially through the sale of our precious minerals like diamonds. As I write this article, the world’s diamond producers and buyers are gathered in Israel where the West is trying for the umpteenth time to block us from selling our diamonds.

If they don’t want with their money, at least they should allow us to sell our diamonds and raise the money. How can our diamonds suddenly become "blood" when their own De Beers was mining and selling those very diamonds for 15 years without our knowledge and the West kept quiet about it and even deemed the diamonds clean?

That was day-light robbery. Honourable Prime Minister, where do you still get the courage to face the people and say there are only "targeted" sanctions? Are you not ashamed?

But it is the denial to celebrate our own African achievement by a section of our society that is intriguing. Chinua Achebe, the great Nigerian writer and novelist, describes this phenomenon in a chilling manner.

"Colonialism constructed elaborate ways to justify its actions. You do not walk in, seize the land, the people, the history of another and compose hymns of praise in his honour.

"To do that would amount to calling yourself a bandit. You would rather say the man you dispossessed is worthless and unfit to manage himself. If there are minerals you are carting away, you prove that he doesn’t own them, that they just happened to be lying around the same place.

"Therefore the agenda of the colonists did not, could not, make provision for the celebration of the world of the colonised."

Is this not what we are still getting from our erstwhile colonial masters? It appears they are having a lot of difficulty in becoming Zimbabwean. At least, they should allow Munyaradzi to think differently. Is that not what they ‘taught’ us was the meaning of democracy?

By Alexander Kanengoni

From: The Herald

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11-03-2010 11:56 AM

Nigeria Jobs

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yoh politiks in bigbrother, now dats sum sick shit litteraly

11-03-2010 12:33 PM

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I knew there was a political undertone to the whole $300,000 bs.MUGABE n COHORTS. They didnt have to publicise it like that if dia wasnt.

11-03-2010 01:18 PM


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(11-03-2010 12:33 PM)ncubs Wrote:
yoh politiks in bigbrother, now dats sum sick shit litteraly

Guess its time 2 leave dis forum till next BBA.....sick shit indeed!

11-03-2010 01:46 PM

Anderson Harawa
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"Son of the soil" please ignore the idiot Chimakure guy. He is jealousy and nowhere near you. Support your President and help him bring back the Zimbabwe we used to know.

All the best from Malawi.

11-03-2010 02:02 PM

2 Mellons

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Very, very long story that only Zimbabwe will understand bearing in mind that that is not part of the 91 days.
But on a personal note, Munya you are very, very handsome. Infact before we took sides, I voted for you for two weeks. I loved ur English n ur smile.
That is an honest confession from an enemy.
I wish u well in life n I know u r good n will succed.
I remain Team Kwambox till BBA 6

11-03-2010 02:15 PM

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Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!!!!!!!!!

11-03-2010 02:21 PM


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This news update gave me a headache.
@illuminanti, Defaho, theophillus and the other loosers i guess u have heard that the 700, 000 glo contract has been confirmed.

11-03-2010 02:53 PM

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Shame, Zimbos are pathetc. Pls sort yourselves out guys, and make sure that all your countrymen in SA go back home. All the other nonsense is just a distruction.

11-03-2010 03:12 PM

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wetin concern agbero wit overload? no need taking panadol for somebody else's headache. next!

11-03-2010 03:24 PM

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Somebody wake me up when this Bombo shit is through.

11-03-2010 03:41 PM

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I thought this site is Big Brother Affair and not country politics. Give us social entertainment news.

11-03-2010 03:52 PM


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Munya is truly blessed: can you imagine how it is like to get the whole continent ringing with your name???

He regularly make headlines across the continent!!!

he is truly blessed! a good name is a sweet smelling aroma...............

11-03-2010 04:35 PM


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but please pizza, as much as I like Munya, and don't hate Uti............ I'm really tired of hearing about these 2 guys!!!

what are the other 12 doing? where are they?? is the Merrylisho wedding still on the cards?? how was their welcome home parties??

please anyone, more info on the other 12!

11-03-2010 04:37 PM

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that what we are saying Meanwhile, it seems the 27-year-old Nigerian is set to land a whopping US$700 000 contract from Nigeria’s leading telecommunications company, Globacom. tell themoooooooooooooo

11-03-2010 05:31 PM

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11-03-2010 05:36 PM

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11-03-2010 05:52 PM

Mrs Uti Nwachukwu
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Oh, yes the Globacom deal has been confirmed 700,000 USD for our Uti. Some charity organisation or so called business consortium who would want to donate more for the second best Mumunya will come 2nd just as their rep...King Uti rulesssssssssssssssssss!!! This news was in the Namibian newspaper of yesterday. Congrats, my Uti...we love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Uti tops the earnings now and sure will keep on doing so for years to come. King Uti, the best house mate ever, the best BBA winner ever, the choice of Africa as the All Star winner..who can beat that...hahahahahahaha

11-03-2010 06:07 PM


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11-03-2010 09:39 PM


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Munya Dimond Boy

11-03-2010 09:47 PM

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Munyaradzi Chidzonga :Big Brother- Munya in Cape Town to promote his movie.

Munyaradzi Chidzonga, who narrowly missed winning the recent Big Brother All Stars, was in Cape Town over the weekend as part of his South African tour, where he is thanking his fans and promoting his coming film “Lobola”.

He partied the night away at Chez Ntezi in Cape Town with a crowd of mostly female fans.

Although Munya lost the show, he was given a hero’s welcome in Zimbabwe when he returned home, and Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe invited him to the State House.

Local businesses also gave him $300 000 because he should have won the show.

He is also the diamond ambassador for an Indian diamond company, which also gave him a diamond ring worth $20 000.

Munya is a patriotic Zimbabwean, and believes that Mugabe is a great man. He has made Africa proud and has been judged unfairly, he says.

He also added that a black man was free and had power in Zimbabwe, while the rest of Africa is “stuck in racism and xenophobia”

Munyaradzi Chidzonga :Clip Of Munya in the Big Brother Finland House

Munyaradzi Chidzonga:Munya shares disappointment with not winning Big Brother All Stars and more

Munyaradzi Chidzonga:2010 09 05 Munya Survives 6th Big Brother All Stars Eviction

Munyaradzi Chidzonga :Up close and personal with the ‘Diamond Boy’

Zimbabwe’s representative to the reality television show, Big Brother All Stars, Munyaradzi Chidzonga, was last week presented with a compensatory $300 000 by President Mugabe after missing out on the BBA grand prize of $200 000 in controversial circumstances.

NewsDay writers, Phillip Chidavaenzi and Tinashe Sibanda had an afternoon out with the BBA star, who spoke about his experiences in the BBA house and life in general.

Q: Can you briefly describe your experience in the Big Brother house?

A: I think when I met the President, he gave the precise description.

He said it’s something that’s “very gruelling psychologically”.

And that’s true because it’s something that plays on your mind, because everyday you’ll be seeing the same things (in the BBA House).

The President likened it to a prison, but the funny thing is that you have to be the longest survivor.

It’s a test of endurance, really.

Q: Are there any new things you learnt about yourself while in the house?

Munyaradzi Chidzonga :Lobola re-energises local movie industry

Munyaradzi Chidzonga’s love affair with his fans during a romantic spell that however came to a crashing end in Big Brother Africa is set to continue as Lobola, a local movie in which the reality television star features, will premiere in Harare on November 25.

The Harare launch will take place at the 7 Arts Theatre and there will be subsequent launches in Bulawayo and Mutare within the next week.

Lobola, which is Zimbabwe’s first comic feature film, was produced by the Decent Arthouse, Fireside Stories, Mighty Movies and Ivory Pictures.

Tapiwa Gandiya from Mighty Movies said the movie was set to re-energise the otherwise dormant local movie industry.

“We had not been producing movies at Mighty Movies as we were looking for a script we could work on and re-energise the Zimbabwe movie industry.

It was interesting working with the talented cast,” said Gandiya.

Although Lobola was initially a seven-minute short film centred on bride price and culture clashes, it was later developed into a full–length feature film.

The movie, which tackles cultural clashes between the older and younger generations, features a highly talented cast made up of veteran and novice actors.

These include Chidzonga, former Amakorokoza actress, Dalma Chiwereva, former Studio 263 cast of Pretty Xaba, Charity Dhlodhlo and Joe Pike.


Munyaradzi Chidzonga:Munya’s romance with Bulawayo

losing finalist Munyaradzi Chidzonga swooped down on the city to market his movie, Lobola, and interact with fans.

The cast of the movie accompanied him to the City of Kings, itself a hub of the arts in the country, where the Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs’ Youth Action pledged to give him $10 000.

The Big Brother party in the city was organised by Impeccable Events at the Metropolis Bar and Grill where Harare DJs P Styles and T-Bass brought the house down with classic old skool mixes and local dance troupe Iyasa spiced up the event with their classic performances.

Life came to a standstill as pupils and their parents mobbed Munya and wanted autographs and a few were lucky to get Munya’s signature.

Munya also attended the Miss Southern party at Holiday Inn where his presence mesmerised the young ladies

Munyaradzi Chidzonga :Mutare fans get feel of Diamond Boy magic

got the “wet treatment” at the weekend after an angry female fan poured some wine on him as she felt he was not giving her enough attention at Chapter 1, an open-air joint in Mutare.

Munya was on the third leg of the promotion of his new movie, Lobola, which will be launched on November 25 in Harare.

Overwhelmed by the number of fans clamouring for his attention, the “Diamond Boy” courted the ire of the female fan who had started off by poking him with the bottle before emptying its contents on him, messing his designer T-shirt in the process.

This was after the woman’s expression of her affection for Munya was rebuffed.

NewsDay has it on good authority that the woman, whose name could not be established, was a “hot shot” in Mutare and was known for getting her way.

The turn of events, however, did not go down well with one of Munya’s bodyguards who slapped her before hauling her out of the VIP lounge.

Some fans resorted to using violence as they shattered windows of the VIP lounge, while others tried to break down the door, just to get closer to their hero.

Unlike the other parties hosted earlier in honour of the Big Brother hero, the Mutare one was different as it had fans that were very hungry for him, going to extremes just to get his attention.

This prompted Munya’s bodyguards to block the fans’ access to him.

Due to the excessive enthusiasm, Munya’s bouncers would not allow his fans to see him till they calmed down and they resorted to using violence

Munyaradzi Chidzonga's compensation for depression

had told myself I was not going to comment on the Zimbabwe Big Brother candidate – Munyaradzi Chidzonga’s loss conundrum. I mean, enough criticism already. (Pictured: Big Brother loser, Munyaradzi Chidzonga)
However, for someone who supported the state’s parting with $1.8 million for the Warriors-Samba Boys friendly, I have recently been accused of hypocrisy for not supporting the Munya (as he is affectionately known) money initiative by some close friends. I have defended the former by saying; at least over 40 000 people were involved, versus just one person. But that is fodder for another post.
When I watched the unprecedented meet with the president on the news last week, I was motivated to highlight that the kerfuffle around Munya and his subsequent reception of US$300 000 in ‘compensation fees to cushion him against depression’ served at least one good purpose for me; the opportunity to witness our leaders demonstrate their ability to raise big funds in a considerably short space of time.
One word from a flaky professor and another from an obscure land tycoon and just like that, on a whim, thousands were raised in less than a week. If this were to be done on a sustained basis for more meaningful things, imagine what that would do for our country’s development. Imagine what US$300 000 would do for the non-working traffic lights and potholes littering Harare’s streets; hundreds of needless deaths would be avoided. Imagine what a similar initiative would add to the lives of the displaced folk living and scavenging like animals at Borrowdale race course…
Hopefully none of that money was donated from the collective taxpayers’ pocket. As I watched the news, I couldn’t help drawing thin parallels between the big rush for the ‘Diamond boy’ and the diesel n’anga circus. Quite an embarrassment to see such big men getting caught up in such silly things. As someone I know would say it, it just somehow feels super-stupid.
When the First Spin Crowd set to work, the Munya fundraising campaign seemed to suddenly precipitate into something of a publicity gimmick masquerading under the guise of wish granting, with Munya in the centre as the oblivious pawn. Words like youth empowerment, sovereignty, and son of the soil interestingly found their way into the President’s speech at the colourful reception at state house. Talk about grabbing slight opportunities.
And who would have thought Gushungo was a fan or even had the time to watch Big Brother? Perhaps we can put this down to the work of an excellent briefing by the First Spin Crowd, who are we kidding? But one thing is for certain, they conveniently neglected to inform the president that the son of the soil had just come back from a house that harboured totemless, nicotine addicted youths among which were women who often kissed each other full on the mouth. The First Homophobe would have rather died than be remotely associated with such.
For the icing on the cake; asked (Big Brother style) what he was going to do with all that cash, the ever grinning young man looked into the camera and said, “I’m going to use the bulk of it to market and promote my movie,” referring to some obscure production in which he featured, that we are yet to know the full details of. Let’s just say it was a relief to know that the speech was going to end and that he was courteous enough not to abuse the redundant and clich├ęd charity card. Now that would have defeated the whole idea, wouldn’t it? - Kubatana

Mugabe hands over US$300 000 to relative and former cabinet Minister’s son » munyaradzi chidzonga

Munyaradzi Chidzonga, the son of Robert Mugabe’s relative and former Cabinet Minister Marvis Chidzonga

Zimbabwe: Big Brother Loser Given 200,000 Euros By Mugabe

Brother Loser Given 200,000 Euros By Mugabe
Ryan Truscott
21 October 2010

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has awarded over 200,000 euros to the losing candidate of Big Brother Africa. Munyaradzi Chidzonga said during the show that it was his childhood dream to meet the president.

Chidzonga won the hearts of Mugabe's side of the government because of his patriotic behaviour during the show - he often appeared draped in a Zimbabwean flag.

Big Brother Africa

Munyaradzi Chidzonga.
He only came second in the competition last weekend, but returned to Harare yesterday and went to meet Mugabe at State House, prompting fury from many Zimbabweans.

Mugabe gives money to Big Brother loser


Listen (01:18)

Now though correspondent Ryan Truscott reports that ordinary Zimbabweans are asking why so much money is being splashed on a celebrity, when there is such enormous need in the country.

Most live on less than 2 euros a day - and a sixth of the population don't even have access to clean water.

Zimbabwe: All Set for Munya's Welcome Party

Harare — Big Brother All Stars fans will have an opportunity to mix and mingle with Munyaradzi Chidzonga -- the Zimbabwean housemate in the just-ended reality show -- at the official welcome party scheduled for Q' bana tomorrow.

Munya, or simply the "Diamond Boy", arrived home on Wednesday to a warm welcome at the Harare International Airport after coming second in a controversial grand finale that saw Nigeria's Uti Nwachukwu walking away with US$200 000 prize money.

The 24-year-old narrowly missed the grand prize when he polled seven country votes to Uti's eight.

However, the Diamond Boy has been awarded a whopping US$300 000 by Zimbabweans and it was presented by President Mugabe as a token of appreciation for representing Zimbabwe well.

In an interview, Munya opened up saying he had no hard feelings that he came empty-handed, but thanked Zimbabweans for their continued support.

He also described President Mugabe as his inspiration.

Television personality Tinopona Katsande -- one of the organisers of the welcome party -- urged fans to come in their numbers to support Munya.

"We are hosting the official Big Brother welcome party to celebrate the Diamond Boy's return home.

Big Brother Africa

Munyaradzi Chidzonga.
"He came, he saw and he conquered and although he did not get the cash prize, he raised the Zimbabwe flag high and we are proud of him.

"Munya will be at Q' bana from 2200hrs, mixing, mingling and partying with his fans. It will be the mother of all Big Brother welcome parties that we have had before, with a surprise guest artiste to put the icing on the cake.

"Ordinarily we do not have a cover charge at Q' bana but because this is a major event there will be a minimum cover charge at the gate.

"We will use the gate takings to present to Munya a small cash prize as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement from his fans and Q' bana for a job well done.

Zimbabwe: Munya's Dream Comes True
NEWS — Zimbabwe: Big Brother Loser Given 200,000 Euros By Mugabe
NEWS — Zimbabwe: Big Brother: Munya's Dream Comes True
NEWS — Zimbabwe: Huge Welcome Party Awaits Munya
NEWS — Zimbabwe: Munya to Get U.S.$300 000
"DJs like Storm, the current Zimbabwe finest, DJ DeeVine, Chunky, Mosdeezy and upcoming DJ Tino and Detroit, will be on the turntables. There will be no rain fears as there will be full cover tent on standby in the event of rains and additional outdoor bar including tight security.

"We want to applaud the business community for what they are doing to acknowledge and reward Munya and we are going to complement their initiative," said Katsande.

There have been reports that Winky D or "Bigiman" is expected to perform as a special guest.

Q'bana is an open air joint which opened its doors two months ago and has become an instant hit.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe has endorsed the party and urged fans to come in their numbers to celebrate the triumphant Diamond Boy

Zimbabwe: Munya's Dream Comes True

Harare — ZIMBABWE'S representative in the Big Brother All Stars reality television show, Munyaradzi Chidzonga, is probably the only person in the world who can say coming second beats coming first.

After missing out on the show's US$200 000 prize, he returned home yesterday to be greeted with the news that a new bank account opened for him had the tidy balance of US$300 000.

On top of that, he fulfilled his childhood dream and met President Mugabe at State House in Harare.

Perhaps for Munya, the cherry on top of it all is that President Mugabe is the one who handed him the bank letter confirming the huge balance.

The money was sourced through a campaign spearheaded by businessman Mr Philip Chiyangwa and the National Indige-nisation and Economic Empowerment Boa-rd chaired by Mr David Chapfika.

Battling to contain his emotions, Munya greeted President Mugabe with his Gushu-ngo totem while the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces responded with the 24-year-old's Unendoro clan name.

"That was something I wanted to do since I was very young," Munya said.

"They say when you are young you are given the power of dreams . . .

"You live that dream until a certain time it is realised.

"I have always told young people around that we are a product of a group of men's dreams and we have been given a platform.

"And I can proudly stand on that platform and say a black man is more powerful in Zimbabwe than anywhere else in the world.

Big Brother Africa

Munyaradzi Chidzonga.
"I have been given the blessing of travelling and seeing, not all of it, but much of the world and this is the best place.

"It is thanks to men like you (President Mugabe), Your Excellency," he said as people chanted "Gushungo" and "Munya".

During the course of Big Brother, Munya intimated it was his desire to meet President Mugabe and usually went around the house with the Zimbabwean flag draped over his shoulders.

Earlier, President Mugabe said Munya-radzi Chidzonga was a people's hero and the true winner of the Big Brother All Stars reality television show.

He hailed Munya's performance in the "gruelling" and "rough" contest.

"This is quite a joyous moment not just for Munya, not just for me, but to all of us in the country . . . you have done well for the country."

President Mugabe said BBA was a very tough competition.

"And you went through it all. I didn't think you would survive because you looked so young, perhaps the youngest of them all.

"The most handsome of them all . . . We were very proud of you and of your performance.

"When it came to the end, the top decision, the judges had to make sure that one (person) had to win.

"It was Nigeria versus Zimbabwe and Nigeria is a very big country, so you deferred to Nigeria.

"But both of you won and from our point of view, for us, you were the winner.

"You made us proud. I want to say congratulations to you and the young Zimba-bweans represented by you."

President Mugabe described Munya's victory as one for all youths in Zimbabwe.

"This is what we want from our young people, to do it for Zimbabwe, to demonstrate that we can do many more things than just politics . . ."

The US$300 000 was from Zimbabweans who felt Munya should have won the first prize.

The 24-year-old Munya, christened the "Diamond Boy" and "Son of the Soil" during his 91-day stay in the Big Brother House, touched down at the Harare International Airport around midday.

However, his multitude of fans, who included hoardes of screaming girls, were disappointed after he was whisked away before he could meet them.

Munya was driven directly to State House to meet President Mugabe, with whom he shared a cup of tea before the brief presentation ceremony in which he got the CBZ Bank confirmation letter reflecting the US$300 000 balance.

Present were his family, Ministers Webster Shamu (Media, Information and Publicity) and Saviour Kasukuwere (Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment), CBZ chief executive Dr John Mangudya and Multichoice Zimbabwe representatives.

Speaking to journalists after the tea date with the President, Munya said the meeting was a "dream come true".

"There is a phrase that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

"Now, this is one time that I do not believe that -- I believe if you can think it, dream it and apply yourself to it, you can achieve it.

"I just met one of my heroes; this man literally changed my life.

"It's because of him that I am and I feel over the moon," he enthused.

Munya refused to dwell on his second-place finish in Big Brother.

"Let God judge the criminals . . . rather dwell on the issue, let's look at the positive things," he said.

President Mugabe gave Munya an autographed Zimbabwe flag.

Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule Munya had to miss the welcome reception planned for him at the airport.

After waiting since early morning to see him, relatives and friends were disappointed to hear he had to rush to State House.

Clad in a waistcoat and a fedora, he was briefly seen hugging his wife, Adiona Maboreke.

The crowd waved placards inscribed "Welcome Home Diamond Boy", "You were robbed but don't worry, there is US$300 000", and "Son of the Soil" among others.

Business ground to a halt at the airport as fans and airport officials waited to welcome him.

Zimbabwe: Munya's Dream Comes True
NEWS — Zimbabwe: Big Brother Loser Given 200,000 Euros By Mugabe
NEWS — Zimbabwe: All Set for Munya's Welcome Party
NEWS — Zimbabwe: Huge Welcome Party Awaits Munya
NEWS — Zimbabwe: Munya to Get U.S.$300 000
Thirty beauties from Gossip Models wore T-shirts emblazoned with Munya's image.

Croco Motors customer service manager, Ms Anna Matanhire said: "We are happy to be associated with Munya's homecoming.

"By picking up the Big Brother contestant from the airport, we are fulfilling part of our social responsibility obligation."

At a Press briefing after leaving State House, Munya thanked Zimbabweans for their support.

Multichoice Zimbabwe hosted the briefing.

"I thank you for effort and I always said revenge is a meal best served cold and I think the money is going to do just that," he said.

He said he had nothing against the winner, Uti of Nigeria

Munyaradzi Chidzonga to star in feature film

Munyaradzi Chidzonga, Big Brother All Stars housemate is to star in Zimbabwe’s newest feature film titled Lobola which will premiere on November 25.

The film which is a comedy will be Munya’s debut on the big screen and will be available on High Definition (HD format). Lobola is the latest local big screen production after Souls of Emmanuel, which was released earlier this year.

Munya aka the “Diamond Boy” finished second in the controversial finale of the reality show on DStv early this month.

“The film will be released on DVD and distributed throughout Zimbabwe before it goes regionally as well as internationally, We have agents in countries like Ghana and Tanzania who will take care of our interests from that end,” said Munya who runs his own film company called Ivory Pictures.

Asked how he intends to counter piracy he said: “We will be distributing encrypted DVDs to protect them from piracy and we also want to release a lot of DVDs so as to flood the market at US$2 a copy.”

He said the first screening will be held in Harare followed by Bulawayo and then finally in Mutare.

Lobola will usher in a revolution in local cinema as it was produced using the latest technology using HD cameras in a digital format similar to 35 millimetre film currently making waves in Hollywood. HD video refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard definition video and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1 280×720 pixels.

“We decided to take it further than Nollywood by producing something of higher quality. Not only is the production of the film of high quality in picture but also the execution,” said Rufaro Kaseke, the producer of the movie.

Kaseke said everything had been put in place for the pioneer HD local movie to be screened at Rainbow Cinemas around the country next month.

Four production companies — Decent Arthouse, Mighty Movies, Fireside Stories and Ivory Pictures — invested quite a lot in the production of this movie, which is centres on the dynamic behaviour of Zimbabweans. Writer and director of the film, Joe Njagu, who also co-wrote a short film Bitter Pill with Ben Mahaka, brought a cutting edge to this story which was shot inside 14 days in Harare and Chitungwiza.

“It’s a comedy satirising African culture as seen through Sean Muza’s (played by Munya) quest to get married in one day so as to prove to his father (played by Joe Pike) that he is responsible enough to run the family business. The problem is that he and his brothers have no clue whatsoever on how to go about lobola negotiations,” said Njagu.

The star-studded movie stars the likes of Edmore Sandifolo, the lead actor in Souls of Emmanuel, Pretty Xaba and Charity Dhlodhlo among others. The movie also focuses on clashes between western values and traditional beliefs.

BB contestant Munyaradzi Chidzonga, son of ZANUPF former minister receives us300 000

Big Brother Africa contestant Munyaradzi Chidzonga, the son of Robert Mugabe's former Cabinet Minister and relative Marvis Chidzonga yesterday received US$300,000 from the President as a reward for failure to win the reality TV show last Sunday.

The money is alleged to have been raised by the President's nephew, controversial businessmen Phillip Chiyangwa.

Chiyangwa and Marvis Chidzonga, a former MP for Mhondoro West in Mashonaland West province and are both related the President.

She is currently in charge of the Zanu PF's rural electrification programme as the Director-General.

Over the years, Marvis Chidzonga worked for several Government Departments including Education, Ministry of Youth as a Principal of a Youth Centre; Department of Rural Development as a Chief Development Officer in the then Ministry of Lands and Resettlement.

From 1995 to 2000 she was a legislator in the Parliament of Zimbabwe where she worked on the reforms of Parliament, Chaired several Portfolio committees including Parastatals and State Investments and the City of Harare. She also served on several International Inter-Parliamentary Committees, before she became a Cabinet Minister.

Chidzonga has sat on the boards of the Cold Storage Company and Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO).

She is also a council member for the University of Zimbabwe.
In 2007 as Commissioner General of The Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Commission (ZERC) Commissioner General Mavis Chidzonga allegedly abused a fuel facility worth millions on the open market.

An internal audit report titled "Fuel Usage summary January-April 2007" allegedly reported that between January and April that year, Chidzonga siphoned about 5000 litres of petrol and diesel worth millions.

Sources said the petrol and diesel was given to Chidzonga's relatives' buses known as Nyamweda Bus Service. Nyamweda is Chidzonga's her maiden name.

Wednesday’s gift, received by Munya at State House, means he has now received MORE MONEY than the show’s winner Uti Nwanchukwu of Nigeria who took home US$200,000, thanks to Robert Mugabe's politics of patronage.

"Munya received a hero’s welcome as he emerged from the arrivals terminal at the Harare International Airport, coming from South Africa where the show is filmed" - (according to,).
But fans were left high and dry after the Big Brother star was bundled into a maroon Chevrolet and driven to State House.
The hasty departure also infuriated Croco Motors who had brought in a colourful convoy hoping to take the TV star around Harare.

One fan blasted: “I waited for two hours, but he was here for less than five minutes and he was gone.”
Accompanied by his wife and mother of his son, Adiona Maboreke, Munya met Mugabe and several cabinet ministers for just under an hour.He apologised to his fans who thought he snubbed them at the airport: “Unfortunately I had no control over there.
“I was told on arrival that we had a small window of time to meet the President … I really want to say sorry to everyone.”
Munya, who said he dreamed of meeting Mugabe while in Big Brother, described the 86-year-old leader as “humorous” and a “pleasant man”.

He added: “If you can dream it, put action to it, you can achieve it. I felt like a baby shaking and sweating in front of the President. The ministers present were laughing at me.”

Chiyangwa has accused M-Net of cheating Munya out of the top prize. He said the donation was to "ease Munya's trauma" from the experience.

Mugabe splashes $300,000 on Big Brother runner up

Zimbabwe’s representative in the Big Brother All Stars reality television show, Munyaradzi Chidzonga on Wednesday met President Robert Mugabe and was feted with $300 000 compensatory ‘prize money.’

This means that Munya got more than the winner of the competition, Uti from Nigeria who pocketed $200 000 for winning the contest sponsored by Multi Choice.

Zimbabweans felt Munya was robbed after surviving eviction nine times when he was nominated and political heavyweights from President Mugabe’s Zanu PF party jumped at the opportunity to exploit to their favour.

The move was initiated by business mogul Phillip Chiyangwa, a nephew of the president and David Chapfika who initiated a fundraising campaign.

After meeting the president, Munya said: “That was something I wanted to do since I was very young. They say when you are young you are given the power of dreams.

“You live that dream until a certain time it is realised. I have always told young people around that we are a product of a group of men’s dreams and we have been given a platform.

“And I can proudly stand on that platform and say a black man is more powerful in Zimbabwe than anywhere else in the world.

“I have been given the blessing of travelling and seeing, not all of it, but much of the world and this is the best place. It is thanks to men like you Your Excellency.”

During the course of Big Brother, Munya said he wanted to meet President Mugabe and usually went around the house with the Zimbabwean flag draped over his shoulders.

President Mugabe said Munya was a people’s hero and the true winner of the Big Brother All Stars reality television show.

He hailed Munya’s performance in the “grueling” and “rough contest”.

“This is quite a joyous moment not just for Munya, not just for me, but to all of us in the country… you have done well for the country,” he said.

“And you went through it all. I didn’t think you would survive because you looked so young, perhaps the youngest of them all.

“The most handsome of them all… We were very proud of you and of your performance.

“When it came to the end, the top decision, the judges had to make sure that one (person) had to win. It was Nigeria versus Zimbabwe and Nigeria is a very big country so you deferred to Nigeria.

“But both of you won and from our point of view, for us, you were the winner. You made us proud. I want to say congratulations to you and the young Zimbabweans represented by you.”

The 24- year old Munya touched down at the Harare International Airport around midday and was driven straight to the State house.

According to host of BBA IK, this was the closest ever finale with the winner securing the votes from eight countries and the runner up from seven.

Uti initially participated in the third season of Big Brother Africa and was one of the housemates from previous seasons chosen to enter the Big Brother All Stars house.
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